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A Collection of Original Paintings, Pen and Inks and Giclee's of Landscapes, Seascapes, Wildlife and Rural South Carolina
The meticulous style of Richard F. Rose renders a level of distinction that sets his work apart from other painters.  As such, he has received awards at venues throughout South Carolina.

Richard prefers to avoid abstract painting because he feels that an understanding of reality 
is a very important part of art.  It is essential for the artist and the spectator to share a common bond when looking at a painting.  Viewers of Richard's art can easily see his love for the beauty of nature and his adoration for wildlife no matter where he may be.

Frequently creating small studies of his subjects and shooting photo reference is only a small portion of his creative process.  In his studio, Richard will compose his larger more ambitious works from these reference materials, allowing his trained eye to survey and incorporate the balance needed for a successful painting.