Big and beautiful, the Great Gray Owl attracts attention wherever it is found.  The Great Gray Owl is larger then the American Horned Owl and Snowy Owl.  Male and female Great Gray owls look alike, but the female is larger.  Bright yellow eyes, a lack of ear-tufts, a broad, round face and conspicuous white 
chin patches are key identifing features of the species. 
Original Painting Size - 12" x 24"
Price - $1900
Paper Giclee's 
Image Size - 10" x 22"
Paper Size - 12" x 24" 
Pricing - $56 *
Canvas Giclee's  
Image Size - 10" x 22"
Canvas Size - 12" x 24" 
Pricing - $122 *
"Out of the Darkness"
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