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"Winter Partners"
Original Painting Size - " 16"h x 12"w"
Canvas Size - "20"h x 16"w
Price - $1400
Canvas Giclee's  
Image Size - 16"h x 12"w
Canvas Size - 20"h x 16"w 
Pricing - $206 *
Paper Giclee's 
Image Size - 16"h x 12"w
Paper Size - 20"h x 16"w 
Pricing - $87 *
All giclees are rolled and shipped in a tube
Northern Cardinals hop through low branches and forage on or
near the ground.  They are territorial and sing and preen from high branches of a shrub.  The distinctive crest can be raised 
and pointed when agitated or lowered and barely visible while nesting. You typically see cardinals moving around in pairs during the breeding season.  Pairs may stay together throughout winter, but up to 20 percent of pairs split up by the next season.
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